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Fraternal greetings from the Worshipful Master,
W. Bro. Chris Lemke
and the officers of Baseline Lodge #198

Masters Message for September 2017

Brothers of Baseline,

As my year wraps up, I can say the experience through the chairs has helped shape me into a better person with the experience culminating as Worshipful Master.

I understand the journey is not over and look forward to further growth as a Brother in Baseline.

However, I thought I would share some of what I experienced as Worshipful Master.

As Master, I was able to gain further practice at delegating, prioritizing and public speaking as well as managing success and failure in myself and others

I gained immensely from the support of so many Brethren and feel I have only returned a small portion of what is owed.

I salute the contributions of those Masters before me and applaud the contributions of the whole Lodge.

May Baseline always be a vibrant, welcoming Lodge where we can come to better ourselves and revel in Brotherhood, Relief and Truth.

Sincerely and Fraternally,


W.M. Chris Lemke
Baseline Lodge #198


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